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The Wicked One's Den of Sin!

Sep. 25th, 2013 02:23 am Revenge of the Yuletide: 2013 edition

Hello, Yuletide Writer! I'm both happy and really sorry for you. I'm a weirdo, and I tend to ramble (and use lots of parentheses) so yeah, let's get to it!

First of all, thank you, thank you for being willing to write one of the fandoms of my heart. I picked ones this year that make me squeal happily at the thought of getting stories in them- all of them. I adore these fandoms and hope you do too and then we can be friends... okay, creepy.

General likes and dislikes:
I don't dig-
character bashing, even the characters I don't care about. Like negative political ads, I'll probably end up sympathizing with the person being bashed.
embarrassment/humiliation (I have the biggest squick)
poor dental hygiene (again, ew, I can't even look in someone's jacked up mouth)
dub-con, rape, pain (I love drama, but there are limits)
smarm (just slash them for heaven's sake)
(and here's a weird one, I know) I don't celebrate Christmas, actually- so I've got to be the weirdo that requests a non-holiday fic. Totally optional, if you were going to write a holiday story, go ahead, I will still read and enjoy. Optional details are optional.

I totally dig-
big groups being like a family or just a close circle of friends
happy endings (even though I appreciate angst)
slash, both male and female and genderqueer and every variation thereof

Other general things about me:
I'm highly sarcastic, a big nerd, and I laugh at myself because I'm stupid. Also, I tend to make up words (vomitrocious, totally mine) and use them without explanation.

Without being all woe-is-me, I've had a rough year. I'll admit that my request are all on the fluffy side, but I have quite enough angst and drama in real life at the moment, thanks, so happy, cheerful fic would just make my day. As I stated before, optional details are optional, and if you walk on the darker side of life, I dig where you're coming from and don't want you to try to turn lightning into rainbows.

Star Trek RPS
Jonathan Frakes
Marina Sirtis (typo'd as Martina in AO3, but whatevs)
Two friends, over the years...

So I've decided that I really dig Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. Not in a 'shippy kinda way, but in a 'oh my god, they are friends!' kinda way. If you've heard the Insurrection commentary they did together, it's obvious that they get along, making fun of everyone affectionately. There's also the Rikers' Reunion, with Marina calling Jonathan her 'Zimbabwe' in response to his 'Imzadi', which is so funny and sweet and OMG. I really don't see them as a couple, because I love how Jonathan tells stories about travelling with his wife and Marina. I just see them as old friends, close enough to be family (which is how I see the whole TNG cast, BTW). Any story that has them interact would be so great, with bonus points for any (and I mean any) other Star Trek actors that might appear. Or, a commentary of them on any of the movies would just kill. Or, (I know, lots of ors) if you follow the AV Club at all, Zach Handlen's recaps of TNG brought the funny for the past three years, but what really made me giddy were the two gimmic commentators of Frakes, a drunken lech, and Sirtis, the world-weary ingenue that comes to be so much more. I'd love a story in that vein too, but again, I don't see them as a couple- I could see Marina just observing all of the chaos that surrounds Jonathan, and their making fun of Spiner, because they always make fun of Spiner.

Questionable Content
The story of how these crazy kids got together...

So I ship Marten and Claire like burning. I love how they bounce off each other, how Claire seems to bring out Marten's protective side, how practical she can be about and around him, and just everything about them together. I loved him and Dora, but these two just suit. I know that Claire's being trans is a monkey wrench, maybe- but I don't think it'd have to be. I'd love a story where these two find that they're what each other's looking for, kinda of an accidentally in love situation. I love to see Dora and Tai, and Faye, because Faye is amazeballs of smacking sense into people. If shipping isn't your thing, I'd love a good old-fashioned adventure story, with these two and anyone else you'd like- I don't dislike anyone in this, including Pintsize! (I love Pintsize! How could you not?) I'm a big one for found families, as I mentioned earlier, so hang-out fic and day in the life is gravy.

Archie Comics
Reggie Mantle
Forsythe "Jughead" Jones
Just two dudes, together, romantically or otherwise...

I have been into Archie since forever. It was certainly the first comic book I bought, and I still read Life With Archie now. (no, I don't have shame. I do have the graphic novels. Booyah!) I don't know and can't quantify why I like the idea of Reggie and Jughead together, but I do. Do they meet years after high school? Are they still at good ol' Riverdale High and freaking out the Bee with PDA? However you'd want to go is good with me. If you're not a slasher, the Life with Archie storylines, either version (Archie marries Veronica vs Archie marries Betty) are cool with me. If you're not familiar with that, I've read all the way back to the 40s (I had the Decades collection at some point- I'm old but not that old) and there's no wrong way for you to go. Maybe the dudes have to team up for a school project and find out that they can get along without the redhead. Who knows? Bonus points for cooking together.

A Soldier's Girl
Barry Winchell
Calpurnia "Callie" Addams
In which happy endings happen...

I watched this movie solely because of a random mention from a friend, and found it to be the most touching thing I'd seen in quite awhile. Good god, is it heart-wrenching, and while I know it's based on a true story and all, I really need fix-it fic. I don't care how it happens-Barry gets out of the service suddenly, and he and Callie run off, or hell, he can be AWoL, but I just want to see happy, in the middle fic with the two of them, total schmoop and all the happy feels. I would love down-the-line, married for eight hundred years, fic, because I'm a sucker for old married couples.

Thanks again!
Wicked Wonder (wickedwonder on AO3)

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Date:October 14th, 2013 03:53 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you had a tough year.
Date:October 16th, 2013 04:06 am (UTC)
Thank you.