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The Wicked One's Den of Sin!

Oct. 21st, 2016 12:37 pm in obvious news is obvious: no Yuletide this year

I defaulted last year, on a friend, pretty much at the last minute. We had three full-time people quit at my job, which meant I was there for close to 50 hours a week. I was planning the vacation of a lifetime, and was spending my non-work time swinging back and forth between giddy anticipation and certainty that I was doing this all wrong and would find myself stranded in the ocean like the movie Deep Water (which I've never seen, the preview was bad enough). I false started a few times, and assured myself that once I was on actual vacation, I'd feel all rejuvenated and super creative and full of words. I was full of words, but I ended up keeping a travel journal which was so cool, but not so much for fiction. But I'm Clutch, I told myself. Once my mind knows that deadline is breathing down my neck, I'll be a fountain of words!
Except that life kept happening. I wrecked my car on the highway during a bad storm, and rejoiced 'cause I hated that POS, work got crazier, there was a Star Trek convention that I volunteered at (never again, it sucked all the joy out of the con for me) and suddenly the deadline was a week away and I was never, never going to have an idea. None of this was my recip's fault- she's lovely, left plenty of details and prompts, all the things you'd want as a recip- it was all on me.
In exchange for being a terrible person, I got not one, but two stories that were written as a prequel/sequel- happy accident of my pimping my chosen fandom love hard, having prompts that lined up with another recip, and our two authors deciding to work together to give us both double prizes. I mean, I'm still in awe that I got my Fandom of My Heart story, but two times over? Man, I have always been spoiled, and this is no exception.

Meanwhile, my recip got a pinch hit that was right up her alley, in a totally different fandom than her and I matched on, and I was so happy that her Yuletide ended up good, because like I said, she's awesome.
On that note, I could've done a NYR, but my life never slowed down, and for once, my own things were stranger than any fiction I'd ever come up with. I started vlogging, which is a trip and a half because I'm not good at it, but it doesn't stop me.
Good god, all the words to explain what the headline said! I'm happy I did Yuletide all those years, but I'm not sad I'm not this year. More relieved that I won't have to disappoint anyone with a lack of story.
Well, now that I've established that it's all about me, time to go help the parents out with some things. Adulting!

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