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22 December
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Hi. First and foremost, I'm crazy. That said, I'm an avid fanfic reader and I love slash! I also read print books, watch insane amounts of tv, and hang out on TWoP.

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This is Eric and Jack. Eric and Jack are my One True Pairing, from Boy Meets World. Jack's the one in the white tee, Eric's got the Ernie shirt on.
Strengths: Eric and Jack are at their strongest together, and work well with others.
Weaknesses: Eric gets distracted by shiny things, Jack is neurotic.
Special Skills: Have the ability to make 'whoos' sound in the air.
Weapons: Blinding white smiles, pretty pretty hair.
Reasons to Love Them: To enjoy the slash, of course! Also, the pretty is not to be mocked.

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